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Duck, Duck, Gaggle

Duck, Duck, Gaggle is a circular bench with a gaggle of whimsically dressed geese sculptures that invites participants to rest, commune, preen, or play a game of duck, duck, goose. Geese are social creatures and this piece is meant to support connections. It is an invitation to turn inwards, or to play and run outwards. 


The piece’s roots are in the Midwestern USA tradition of geese lawn ornaments that are dressed in outfits to align with holidays and seasons. It was a way for, primarily women, to express themselves, even if they didn’t consider themselves to be artists. It was also a way to decommodify art and share it in a very public way with anyone passing by. I have fond memories looking forward to seeing my Grandma Connie’s goose and it's outfits whenever we visited. This piece hopes to recreate some of that magic. 


This project was dreamed up by Meghan "Juniper the Magic Bunny" and is headed to Burning Man in the Summer of 2023. It is proudly receiving a Burning Man Honorarium Grant as well as an art grant from the Firepony Creative Society. Builds are happening in and around Baltimore, Maryland.


Learn more and get involved.

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